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Our Mission

Around 5000 people, especially the aged and disabled ones, in Sacramento, are struggling hard to find a suitable place to live. We, at Angelic Housing, assure every such individual to cater to their housing needs. We help you to find a healthy and secure neighbourhood to stay peacefully with your family.

Welcome To Angelic Housing

Guiding Principles

We understand the value of having a roof over your head. To ensure that every person in Sacramento gets a proper housing facility, we lend our assistance. With an extensive housing resource, we arrange suitable living places that come within your means. Besides, to make the obligatory procedures even more effortless, we help to administer your funds and banking requirements. With us, you do not need to remain in the queue for long. Since our team has a broad network across Sacramento, we can help you to get your own home within a shorter time span. Get in touch with us now to hear from us.

25+ years of experience

Angelic Housing

We, at Angelic Housing, strive our best to put a roof above the heads of the homeless people in Sacramento. Over hundreds of dwellers are combating every day to find a secure shelter. We are here to facilitate them. Apart from arranging a safe and hygienic place to live, we extend our helping hands to assist you in managing funds and banking requirements to get settled effortlessly.

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Inclusionary Housing Ordinances

Angelic Housing goes the extra mile to form and conserve the inclusionary housing programs throughout the county.

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Funding for Homelessness Initiatives

With an aim to enhance the condition of the homeless people and giving them a place to live securely, we arrange and manage funds.

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Statewide Housing Package

Teaming up with the state authorities, we help in arranging affordable homes for poor, disabled, and homeless inhabitants.

We are dedicated to serving the homeless poor people and give them a better opportunity to lead a healthy life. If you need our assistance or know any needy whom we can support, contact us.

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