Angelic Housing: Affordable Room and Board in Sacramento for a Fresh Start

When it comes to finding affordable and supportive housing options in Sacramento, Angelic Housing stands out as a beacon of hope. With their Room and Board Sacramento program, they offer a lifeline to individuals in need of a fresh start. Combining the benefits of affordable housing, sober living, and transitional support, Angelic Housing provides a nurturing environment for those seeking stability and a path to a brighter future.

Room and Board Sacramento: An Affordable Solution

Room and Board Sacramento is a vital program offered by Angelic Housing, aimed at providing affordable accommodations for individuals seeking stability in the Sacramento area. By offering a combination of safe and comfortable living spaces, Angelic Housing bridges the gap between homelessness and a supportive environment.

Supporting Sobriety and Recovery in Sober Living Sacramento

Angelic Housing understands the challenges faced by individuals on the path to sobriety. Their Room and Board Sacramento program extends its support by providing options for sober living in Sacramento. These accommodations are specifically designed to create a safe and supportive environment for individuals in recovery, ensuring they have the necessary resources and community support to maintain their sobriety and rebuild their lives.

Room and Board Sacramento

Boarding Houses: A Community of Support

Angelic Housing’s Room and Board Sacramento program goes beyond just providing housing; it creates a sense of community. The boarding houses operated by Angelic Housing serve as hubs of support, where individuals can connect with fellow residents who understand their struggles and triumphs. This shared experience fosters a supportive atmosphere, offering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Access to Housing Resources in Sacramento

As a comprehensive housing resource, Angelic Housing collaborates with local agencies and organizations to ensure individuals have access to the support they need. Through their Room and Board Sacramento program, they connect residents with resources such as government schemes, job assistance, educational opportunities, and counseling services. This holistic approach helps individuals rebuild their lives and regain their independence.

A Stepping Stone: Transitional Housing

Transitional housing plays a crucial role in Angelic Housing’s Room and Board Sacramento program. It serves as a stepping stone for individuals who have experienced homelessness or difficult living situations. By providing a stable and supportive environment, Angelic Housing helps individuals gain the necessary skills, resources, and confidence to transition to permanent housing and achieve long-term stability.

Homeless Assistance and Beyond

Angelic Housing goes above and beyond to provide homeless assistance through their Room and Board Sacramento program. By addressing immediate housing needs and offering supportive services, they empower individuals to overcome the challenges of homelessness. Angelic Housing’s compassionate staff works tirelessly to ensure that every resident feels valued and supported on their journey towards a better life.


In the heart of Sacramento, Angelic Housing’s Room and Board program provides an affordable and supportive solution for individuals seeking stability and a fresh start. With a focus on sober living, community support, access to housing resources, and transitional assistance, Angelic Housing offers a comprehensive approach to help individuals regain control of their lives. Whether it’s providing a safe and comfortable place to stay, connecting residents with valuable resources, or fostering a sense of community, Angelic Housing stands as a pillar of support and hope for those in need. With their dedication to affordable housing and homeless assistance, Angelic Housing is making a significant impact in the lives of individuals in Sacramento and beyond. Visit Us Today!

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