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We are here to help if you are in need of housing and receive a limited income. Those with social security disability income are welcome. We have many openings! $650 per month

Angelic Housing is on a mission to end homelessness, one life at a time.


Providing Affordable Housing
for those in need is
our top priority.

Low income and crisis housing for individuals. Senior housing, Veteran's housing, housing for the disabled, and housing the homeless. Independent Living Housing Programs and Boarding Houses.

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Having Difficulty Securing Housing? We Are Here To Help!

Homelessness is negatively impacting our community. We are here to help put a stop to homelessness. Rents are increasingly high and qualifications can make securing housing difficult. We understand how difficult it can be for those with limited income to secure housing and achieve financial literacy. Affordable housing is very important to have available in our community. Our boarding house locations throughout Sacramento are here to help.

All our rooms are shared rooms, 2 beds per room.

Let us help you find the perfect
place to call home.

For Rent


2 Beds (Twin Sharing)

1 Bath



Arden Room and Board

For Rent

2 Beds (Twin Sharing)

1 Bath



North Highlands Room & Board

For Rent


2 Beds (Twin Sharing)

1 Bath



Natomas Room & Board

Our Property

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Creating spaces where life happens

    Financial Literacy

    We Provide Coaching to Achieve Financial Literacy

    Angelic Housing does not only provide housing. With us, you can also learn to manage the financial aspects that are required to manage your bills, rent, food, clothing, and plan for rainy days. We assist you with resources to help manage your funds and plan ahead, in an effort to obtain financial stability and secure permanent affordable housing. Our housing program is available to our members at our boarding house locations. It is a great choice for low income senior housing and low income housing for the disabled. Our housing program is structured to learn and implement Independent Living and Positive Social Interactions.

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    What do people say about us?

    Huib van der Laan

    President of Sales

    Finding affordable housing in California seemed impossible until I discovered Angelic Housing. Their low-cost rental options and understanding staff made all the difference. Thank you for providing a safe and affordable place to call home.

    Quincy Camilla

    Medical Assistant

    Angelic Housing made the process of finding affordable housing stress-free. Their dedication to assisting those in need is commendable. I'm thankful to have found a beautiful home through them.

    Rik van der Horst

    Nursing Assistant

    I am so grateful to Angelic Housing for providing me with an affordable home. Their commitment to helping individuals with limited income is truly remarkable. I highly recommend their services.





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