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Our team of helping hands, at Angelic Housing, strive to put a safe roof above the heads of those in need and without housing in Sacramento. Hundreds of Sacramento residents are combating homelessness every day, desperately trying to find secure shelter. We are here to facilitate their transition to shelter. Apart from arranging a safe and hygienic place to live, we extend our helping hands to assist those in need with classes on how to achieve financial Literacy. Whether it is managing funds to owning their own home, we provide resources to achieve financial independence effortlessly.

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Housing Resources

Angelic Housing goes the extra mile to form and conserve the housing programs throughout the county.

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Funding for Homelessness

With an aim to provide housing to those in need and giving them a place to live securely, we arrange and manage funds.

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Statewide Housing Package

Teaming up with the state, we help in arranging affordable homes for those in need, the disabled, homeless, and elderly.

We are dedicated to serving those in need and give them a better opportunity to lead a healthy life. If you need our assistance or know anyone whom we can support, contact us.

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Angelic Housing welcomes you

Things we do to assist you

Being a reputed charitable organization, Angelic Housing, is happy to reduce the inconveniences of those in need across Sacramento. Unlike others, we do not keep our clients waiting for long. Our housing resources are vast. So, depending on your situation and financial need, we recommend affordable living places in neighborhoods in the greater Sacramento area, within a quick amount of time. If you are in need our assistance, or know someone who needs us, please give us a call today.

Who can ask for our aid?

We are available for all the needy and deprived people of the Sacramento county. Individuals with physical and mental disability, low income, and no roof over their head, can get us by their side to find a suitable home. We also help manage their finances to make the move-in procedure smooth and stress-free.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe living place for every homeless individual and their families in Sacramento so that they can lead a better life.

Our Vision

Every single person in Sacramento gets affordable housing services in a safe and healthy environment.


Financial Literacy

Our amenities are not limited to arranging a home for you. With us, you can also manage the financial aspects that are required to purchase or take home at rent legally. We aid you to manage funds and carry out the necessary banking activities and precisely.

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